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Animal Assisted Therapy

Caring Canines

When people talk about something going viral online it’s usually a blooper video or celebrity misadventure. But that's not the case with “Photo Doggies for Anthony,” a viral story on Facebook about a … [Read more...]

Animal Assisted Therapy

Photo Doggies

  Like many of you, we’ve been following the amazing "Photo Doggies for Anthony" story, and have been inspired not only by Anthony--who is a patient at Phoenix Children's Hospital--but also by … [Read more...]


Morgan Is Living Proof

Today as you read this, an average of 10 kids are being treated in our Emergency Department for a mental illness or behavioral health incident. There are times when that number is much higher, with 26 … [Read more...]


Dear Santa

Santa could never forget the kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Last week he made one of his many visits to our kids with his magic mailbox. Stacks and stacks of letters to Santa were left in his … [Read more...]