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What Makes a Champion?

It isn’t a batting average or RBI. It’s not an earned run average or even a win/loss record. When my wife Amy and I visit Phoenix Children’s we see what it takes to be a true champion. It takes … [Read more...]


What is PALs?

PALs. You probably haven’t heard of us yet, but we’re cool with that. We get mixed up with itty-bitty Catalonian towns and online pet adoption agencies all the time; so this is our way of cluing you … [Read more...]

Hungry Howie's

Yummy Pizza, With a Heart

Few things in life are more satisfying than munching away on a delicious pizza, but I can think of at least two: Munching away on a delicious pizza that you received for free from Hungry Howie's … [Read more...]


Food for the Soul

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has the most generous supporters in the world! We’re continually grateful for your donations that allow us to provide world-class medical treatment for all our … [Read more...]