The Need is Now

The Capital Campaign to Build a new Emergency Department and Level 1 Trauma Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Why it’s Urgent

str-initiatives-need-is-now-spaceWe need more space: More than 83,000 patients come through our doors each year – a number expected to reach more than 100,000 in the next five years – in a space originally designed to treat just 22,000 patients annually.

When time is of the essence: The Emergency Department must be moved closer to the helipad, imaging, and operating rooms – critical areas that are now more than 200 yards from its current location.

Quality care for all patients: Without the space we need, wait times and lengths of stay have increased, as have the number of patients who leave without being treated at all.

Disaster Preparedness: With only four trauma bays, today we cannot adequately accommodate multiple patients from the same scene.

Why We Need Your Help Now

More Capacity:

  • A new Emergency Department will increase our exam rooms to 69, all of which will be private. This will more than double our current capacity and allow us to treat between 100,000 and 140,000 patients annually.
  • We will be able to treat multiple trauma patients from the same scene, with an increase of nine trauma bays from just four. Emergency responders will no longer have to decide which patients can go to Phoenix Children’s and which ones will need to be transported elsewhere.

Access to Care:

  • The Emergency Department will be located directly below the helipad and just seconds away from operating rooms, imaging and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This will reduce transport time and improve efficiency.
  • For families arriving by car, the new Emergency Department will have a more prominent and visible location from Thomas Road, with parking right outside the main doors.

Quicker assessments:

  • The added space will allow us to better triage patients, with the sickest placed directly in a room with assessments and registration completed at the bedside. We estimate arrival time to triage will decrease more than 60 percent.
  • For all patients, wait times will decrease significantly. This also means fewer kids and families will leave without being seen – a number estimated to drop nearly 50 percent.

Specialized Care:

  • For patients with chronic illnesses who need specialized care, we will be able to get them to a room more promptly, cared for by nurses trained in those specific diseases.
  • Additional “safe rooms” will be available for behavioral health patients who pose a danger to themselves, with a psychiatric staff on hand to evaluate them. On average, 6 to 20 patients occupy our emergency rooms each day. In a state with a lack of mental health providers and psychiatric beds, some of these patients wait days before they can be placed in a mental health facility.

Why Us

We are the only: Phoenix Children’s Hospital is home to the only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center in Arizona, the highest designation given to a hospital and deemed qualified to care for the sickest patients.

We have the expertise: Children treated at pediatric trauma centers have one-fourth the mortality rate of children treated at adult hospitals. Physicians who take care of only children better understand pediatric physiology, have the equipment they need on hand, are better at determining when children need surgery, and make fewer mistakes.

Our experience makes us better: Our mortality rate is half that of children’s hospitals nationwide – at just 0.6 percent. We are one of the busiest trauma centers in the country, something that translates to more experience and improved patient outcomes.

We know kids: Every single person involved in the patient’s care is trained in pediatrics – from the subspecialists available 24/7, to nurses, to the child life staff and social workers who are at every child’s bedside from the moment of admission.

Why You

It will take a community to improve the emergency and trauma care the children of Arizona need and deserve. We don’t need more providers. We simply need more space so they can do what they do best.

We need a commitment of $40 million to make our new Emergency Department and Level 1 Trauma Center a reality. Generous gifts, including $1 million from our own trauma surgeons, have put us at the halfway mark, and will allow us to break ground in December 2015.

Your promise to help the more than 300 patients we treat in the Emergency Department every single day will dramatically improve the care we provide. And the stakes are high when their very lives are at stake.