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What is Dance Marathon?

Trinity at ASU Dance Marathon

Remember Trinity, the Phoenix Children’s patient who spent her birthday with us at DM last year? She’s feeling so much better since the last time you saw her. Click to check out her Sun Devil Story.

ASU Miracle Network Dance Marathon is an all-night dance party with a purpose! It is hosted by the ASU Dance Marathon Student Organization and takes place on Saturday, February 4, 2017. ALL funds raised will benefit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital! Your participation in Dance Marathon will help to provide the best possible healthcare to children in Arizona. How cool is that? There is a lot more to Dance Marathon than just dancing! Throughout the night there will be entertainment as well as carnival style activities, food and drink. The event is a 12 hour event and everyone is encouraged to stay all 12 hours. Dance Marathon is hosted by the ASU Dance Marathon Student Organization. Remember, this event is a dancing event to make a difference in the lives of those kids who might not be able to dance even if they wanted.

Why should I Dance?

There are so many reasons why you should dance. First and foremost, it’s for the kids!

Second, it’s fun! Also:

  • Dance Marathon is a way to meet new people and make lifelong friends,
  • Your involvement will show future employers that you’re community minded
  • You’ll feel great satisfaction about the impact you’re making for kids



Do I have to fundraise?

Everyone is encouraged to raise a minimum of $100. If everyone who signs up, raises $100 we could break a fundraising record! Don’t forget, everything we raise is For The Kids!

How do I fundraise?

First, consult the Dance Marathon Fundraising Packet for more information. The next thing you have to do is register as a dancer and set-up your fundraising page. You can customize your page with your own personal message.

The easiest way to raise money for the kids is to ask your friends and family to donate to your page. You can email them a link so they can donate through a secure site with their credit card. You can also accept cash and/or checks.

Print a copy of your page and take it to your dentist, you primary care physician. You support them and I’m sure they would be happy to support you.

Ask your parents to ask the people they work with; not only their co-workers, but people they do business with (home exterminator, carpet cleaner, etc.).

Once you’ve asked everyone to make a donation and you’ve hit your goal, feel free to host an event to raise even more money for the kids! Check out our Fundraising guide (pdf) to get those creative juices flowing. Remember, have fun!

Who should any checks be made out to?

Checks should be made out to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Once Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation receives your check or any cash you’ve collected, they will add those donations to your fundraising page so that everyone can see how close you are to reaching your goal.

What if I’m a bad dancer?

To start off, there is a lot more to Dance Marathon than just dancing! And aside from that, no one cares what you look like dancing or what kind of moves you have because everyone is there for The Kids! It’s all for the cause and to show your support for the families.

Do I have to dance all 12 hours?

No, there are other activities to do besides dancing, but dancing is FUN! Throughout the night there will be entertainment as well as carnival style activities for you to participate in.

Do I have to stay all 12 hours?

Yes, you are strongly encouraged to stay all 12 hours. Remember, you’re dancing to make a difference in the lives of kids who might not be able to dance even if they wanted. If you choose to leave, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes, there will be plenty of treats throughout the entire night

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes and shoes! When we get closer to the event we will announce themes for each hour. Don’t forget to bring props if you want to dress up for the theme hours.