How can my child become a model?DownrightBeautiful logo rv300
If you have a child with Down Syndrome but know they would love to be a part of the show, you can contact Alyssa Snow or Kiran Aurora for an application.

Does my child need to be a current patient of the Down Syndrome Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital to be a model?
No your child does not need to be a current patient of the clinic to participate we welcome all supporters and families with a child of Down Syndrome.

Where do the funds go from the Downright Beautiful 3rd Annual Pediatric Down Syndrome Clinic Fashion Show?
The funds raised from this event will go to the Down Syndrome Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The clinic provides many diagnostic and therapeutic services needed for children with Down Syndrome. The clinic offers services in an on-site clinic three times a month, half day clinics. The specialties of the clinic include: Developmental Pediatrics, Genetics, PT, OT, Speech and a clinical doctor.

How can I volunteer to help with the event?
We would love to have supporters volunteer at this event especially if you are familiar with having a child of Down Syndrome, please email Alyssa Snow if you would like to volunteer at this year’s event.

When and where is the Media Preview Day for the show?
Media Preview Day, which serves as a rehearsal day for all of the models will be held on Wednesday, March 16th at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in the Rooftop Garden (1919 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85016) from 1-3pm.

How far in advance do I need to bring my child the day of the fashion show?
Please have your child dressed in their fashion show outfit and dropped off back stage no later than an hour and a half prior to the show.

Will there be a hair stylist or do we arrive to the show with hair done?
Rolfs Salon has donated their stylists services for the day to do all of our model’s hair so they can rock the runway in style.

Who is the photographer and how can I see the pictures taken from the show?
Our official photographer of the event will be Grand Photography, images from the event will be posted on our flicker on the event website, post event.

How long will the show be?
The event starts at 11am and will be over by 2pm.

Should models bring their own snacks and water?
A meal and water will be provided for the models but if you would like to bring a specific snack for your child, you are more than welcome to and label it when dropped off.