Set Yourself in Motion

Miles That Matter connects athletes (and health minded people!) to athletic events who support Phoenix Children’s Hospital. So run the good race for Phoenix Children’s Hospital patients. From fun runs to 5ks, to marathons, bike races or triathlons, it’s a commitment you make to yourself and the kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

We are excited to partner with Phoenix Marathon 2017! Want to learn more? To get more information fill out this quick page!


Find Your Strength

Miles That Matter participants run, bike and swim for Phoenix Children’s Hospital patients. You won’t do it alone. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced athlete, our clinics, group exercises, and virtual help will help prepare you for race day. Find strength in knowing that you are competing for patients you will meet and hear from along the way.

Find Your Inspiration

A child at Phoenix Children’s Hospital needs your help. You’ll be racing for our Most Valuable Patients (MVPs), who will encourage and motivate you along the way. As you share MVP stories with family and friends, they will be inspired to help, too. MTM teammates and MVPs are invited frequent activities, where MTM teammates meet and share stories with MVPs.

Find Your Team

Grab your co-workers, friends, family members or classmates to run the Miles That Matter by your side and create their own fundraising page.

Start Fundraising

Find Your Followers

We don’t mean those you’ve already lapped. We mean the people who will help you reach your fundraising goal. Set up your fundraising page early so that collecting donations is as easy as possible. We’ll help you along the way with fundraising info sessions, tips through social media and email, and you’re always just an email or a phone call away from assistance, or (609 )933-2640.

Well, what are you waiting for?

We need you, today!

Join The Team!