We all have lists, But last month, BillingTree, an industry leader in payment solutions and partner to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, decided to take a Child Life wish list to the next level.

At the request of BillingTree, the Child Life specialists all met one week and brainstormed needs and requests from patient families. The following week, BillingTree employees filled a U-Haul with the three page list that was sent over to them, picking up gift cards to the movies for patient families, teethers for infants, pajamas, books, games, snacks, refrigerators, play stations, games and more.

BillingTree employees helping out“Armed with the list from Phoenix Children’s Hospital, six teams of BillingTree employees, each with a different section of PCH Child Life’s Wish list, went on a shopping marathon with the goal to fulfill the entire list,” said Mai-Lien with Billing Tree. Traditionally, employees collect food and toys for organizations each year around the holidays. So in May, for them to fulfill the whole list, it was a huge surprise to everyone at the Hospital!

“Christmas came early this year! Thanks to the generosity of BillingTree, hundreds of new toys were brought to the hospital last Friday. The group had requested a list of the ‘most needed items’ and did they deliver,” said Betsy Rosebrugh, Manager of Child Life Services at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. “From infant toys to play mats to board games to craft materials- it was amazing to see! As a department, we depend on community donations to provide the many toys, games and crafts for the patients and families. BillingTree’s generous donation provided both the popular items as well as ones that seldom get donated, but are so essential.”

In 2015, BillingTree was named by the Phoenix Business Journal “Best Places to Work” in Arizona. Their CEO, Edgars ‘Edz’ Sturans said, “Part of the Culture at BillingTree is one of ‘giving change’ as a company and as individuals. We all have charities that we support that are all relevant and important in different ways and we want to pass along the values of giving back to future generations. PCH takes care of our future generations in a very real way and we want to support that effort in any way we can…and our team finds it fulfilling and fun in delivering that support.”

BillingTree is also involved in several fundraisers for Phoenix Children’s Hospital throughout the year, both monetarily and in volunteering their time, including: The 18th Annual PCHF Golf Tournament, the 5th Annual Festival of Trees and the 5th Annual Ignite Hope Walk.

This was a win-win situation. Being there first hand, it was exciting to see BillingTree employees fill a U-Haul, smile and laugh as they tried to carry more than they were able and work together to fill a U-Haul. In the process, they also put smiles on staff and patient family faces by fulfilling essential needs. On behalf of the patients and families: thank you for bringing smiles to many patients, families, and staff!

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