“We’ve always met the most amazing families treated at Phoenix Children’s during Costco’s campaign,” recalls Desiree Allen. “We just never thought we’d be one.” Desiree and her husband Matt both work for Costco and have helped raise money for Phoenix Children’s during their month-long campaign each May.

In June Desiree and Matt witnessed firsthand the impact of the funds they’ve helped raise over the years. Their son Carter was born with a serious heart defect that caused only half of his heart to develop. Just days after birth he began a series of three complex surgeries to allow the left side of his heart to compensate for the right side. But following the second surgery Carter went into heart failure and was listed on the transplant list. In January, he received his new heart and is doing well, showing no signs of rejection. “I am honored to work for a company that so generously gives back to Phoenix Children’s. After spending a considerable amount of time there, I have seen each and every day how our donations make a difference,” Says Desiree. Through the generosity of their members, employees and a corporate match, Costco contributed more than $1.4 million to the Hospital last year, bringing their lifetime giving to more than $11 million.