Javier started Ojelt as a project to help teach his daughters about financial responsibility. As an avid runner, creating wireless headphones was a perfect fit for him and his company. He made his daughters Angelena and Kaia the spokespersons for the brand. They have gone on multiple radio interviews and TV segments to discuss not only the importance of learning financial literacy at a young age, but also what they’ve accomplished thus far. Through this, Javier also wanted to teach his daughters the importance of philanthropy and giving back to the community.

When I met with Angelena and Kaia, they asked questions about the programs and who they would be helping through the campaign. But more importantly, they asked why they should donate to PCH. After guiding them on a hospital tour, they understood the needs of the kiddos at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. They quickly realized how important it is to make sure that the children at PCH have the best care possible, regardless of their situation and background. They were grateful for the opportunities they’ve had and wanted to help where they could.

“Children Helping Children” was the fundraising campaign formed after their hospital visit. Through Ojelt, they are offering a 10% discount code for every bluetooth headset purchased through their Children Helping Children page. In addition to the discount, $10 for every headset sold (using the coupon code provided) will be donated back to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Let’s help the girls reach their fundraising goals and help them make an impact on the lives of children at PCH!