Did you know that by simply cleaning out your closet you could generate much needed funding for Phoenix Children’s Hospital? Here’s how…

Getting Started

Dedicate a time to take stock of your closets. Grab a large garbage bag and collect anything that’s outgrown, misfitting, last season’s trends, unused or just plain taking up space. That includes women’s wear, men’s stuff, kids gear, team wear, sporting gear, toys for all ages and household textiles like bedding, sheets, comforters and towels.

pch_recycler_nd-300pxDonate and Do Good

Take your recyclable items and textiles to any American Textile Recycling Service bin and simply drop off your unwanted materials. There are nearly 350 bins across the valley that support Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

How American Textile Recycling Service is helping Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Each month, Phoenix Children’s Hospital will receive a donation from every pound of donated items to the ATRS bins located across the valley. That’s right! Every pound that is donated equals critically needed funding for Phoenix Children’s patients!

It’s Easy and Convenient

American Textile Recycling Service bins that support Phoenix Children’s Hospital are easy, convenient one-stop drop off locations. Simply look for bright orange donation bins featuring the Phoenix Children’s Hospital logo throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and beyond. So do some good with those items you no longer need!

For more information, visit for a detailed list of what can be donated or call the 24-hour hotline at (800) 900-9308 to find a bin nearest you.

Image Credit: Steve Snodgrass on Flickr