General Electric (GE), GE Foundation, employees and retirees have given more than $1 billion through their corporate Matching Gifts Program to charities across the world. Jim Daily, the President for Global Engineering and Technology at GE Aviation, oversees more than 5,000 employees, and this year he received GE’s Chairman’s Award. The award includes a monetary donation, and Jim’s first thought was Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Read on to hear why.

PCHF: Tell us a little about General Electric (GE)?
DAILY: GE is a digital industrial company that is helping to transform industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE Aviation is the part of GE where I work and we provide jet and turboprop engines, avionics, integrated systems and digital technologies for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft.

PCHF: What do you do at GE?
DAILY: I am the President for Global Engineering and Technology at GE Aviation. Basically, that means that I have the opportunity to lead a global team of approximately 5,000 skilled engineering professionals that design and build products for commercial and military aviation that makes flying safe and efficient.

PCHF: What award did you just win?
DAILY: I was honored to receive a Chairman’s Award directly from our Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Immelt, for the great work that my division had performed in using digital and analytics technologies to further improve the operation of airplanes, making the world’s safest mode of transportation even safer.

PCHF: Why choose Phoenix Children’s Hospital to give back to?
DAILY: I have lived in Phoenix for 27 years and have continuously been impressed by the work done by Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Specifically, we have a close family friend who was stricken with a sudden, severe, rare illness as a child, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital was able to diagnose and enable her recovery. Phoenix Children’s Hospital had such a huge impact on her that she committed herself to getting a degree in nursing and she now works there! As I was presented with the opportunity to direct where the charitable contribution would go that accompanied the award, my positive memories of the impact you had on saving her life really stood out.

PCHF: What does giving back mean to you? To GE?
DAILY: One of the reasons I truly enjoy working at GE is the sense of community involvement and generous contributions to many worthy causes throughout the many communities in which GE is a corporate citizen. It was an honor to be presented with the award, but it truly was most meaningful in being able to identify such a worthy foundation as Phoenix Children’s Hospital in my own community.

PCHF: Anything you would like to add?
DAILY: I was extremely impressed with the reception that I received from Phoenix Children’s Hospital, in particular from Patty Barney. My wife and I were treated to a tour of the hospital and I was truly amazed at the facility, specifically in the thought and care that has gone into the quality of experience that is provided to the children during what is such a difficult time for them and their families. The hospitality and appreciation that I received from Patty through meeting her and the tour 100% reinforced that I made the right decision in choosing Phoenix Children’s Hospital for this donation.