Fred Delay leads a band of mighty toy makers at the Royal Oaks Lifecare Community in Sun City. The dedicated group of volunteers has been handcrafting baby-safe toys for children throughout our community for many years. Their attention to detail goes down to the soy sauce they use to stain the “tires” on the toy cars and trucks.

Several years ago the group first delivered toys to the Child Life staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. But over the years few of these hard-working volunteers have ever seen where their donations go, or the difference they make to our patients.

On Tuesday, twenty-five residents of Royal Oaks finally visited the Hospital with their latest donations. They got to meet some caregivers, volunteers and see the Hospital and patients. One member commented that seeing it firsthand “made me a believer in Phoenix Children’s Hospital.” The care and compassion of staff is obvious to everyone who visits, from the Child Life coordinators to the security personnel to food service staff. The attention to the needs of our patients and families is clearly our priority.

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And appreciation flows both ways, because the great work done at PCH is possible only with the in-kind and financial support of our community. The Royal Oaks residents capture that love and attention in each donated blanket or wooden truck. Thank you, Royal Oaks, for helping to put a smile on the faces of our children.