Some of you may identify the title of this post as a reference to the first-ever public tweet by Jack Dorsey, which was sent way back on March 21, 2006. It preceded similarly mundane messages that day from not only Dorsey, but also Twitter’s other co-founders. They tweeted about tea, about lunch and about bugging each other — not exactly a fascinating start for a new communications platform.

These simple beginnings, however, belied the incredible impact that Twitter would go on to have on the world. We’re also striving for world-changing impact here at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation: funding advances in Molecular Medicine, expanding Arizona’s only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, helping to provide cooling therapies in our Neuro-NICU, and bringing moments of joy to our patients — just to name a handful of examples.

This blog will be the home base for these stories as they develop, and this post is just a simple beginning. But great things are ahead of us now — just as they were for Twitter back in 2006 — and we look forward to partnering with our readers and supporters to change the world for the patients of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Image Credit: Flickr