Thank you, Spirit Halloween!

It’s October—for every Halloween aficionado, that means: pumpkins, candy and costumes! The staff from Spirit Halloween has opened 27 stores in the Arizona market with the objective of making sure you have the perfect costume and accessories this holiday season. Along with supplying you with all of your Halloween needs, they make the holiday that much more special for the kiddos at Phoenix Children’s Hospital by donating costumes to those in our care. Just by shopping at Spirit Halloween you can give back by using the coupon below, purchasing an icon or buying a bracelet at check out.

spirit-body-blog-image-750pxIn the upcoming weeks, the Spirit staff will make a stop to The Child Life Zone—the heart of the Hospital, where they happily decorate for the annual “Spirit of Children Party,” bringing Halloween to the patients and families of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Vivian Rabun, District Manager at Spirit Halloween said, “I really enjoy seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces, we all do! I am so glad that Spirit Halloween can bring a little sunshine into their day!”

For the past decade, the Spirit Team has supported more than 134 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada. Donating time, talent and costumes, this isn’t just a time of year that children look forward to — the Spirit staff does as well. Read more on how you can support their stores in raising funds for Phoenix Children’s Hospital!

PCH: How long has Spirit Halloween been partnering with Children’s Hospitals?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Since the inception of Spirit of Children in 2006; 10 years.

PCH: What is the history?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Spirit of Children started ten years ago with eleven hospitals in our own backyard and the belief that a great holiday should do great good… and it worked! Since then, the program has raised more than $22 million in cash & merchandise donations and has worked with over 130 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada.

PCH: What is the most popular costume for boys and girls this year?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continues to be a fan favorite on the big and small screen for shoppers of every age, from infants to adults. Costumes from the immensely popular movie are popular among young girls and teens. Princesses from the classic Snow White to Cinderella — inspired by the 2015 live-action movie — will continue to be popular with young girls and moms, making it a family favorite.

PCH: What is the most popular costume for men and women this year?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a fan favorite for shoppers of every age, including adult. Our selection of TMNT costumes from infant to adult provides costume for the entire family. This year for adults we are featuring a political section with Hillary and Donald. And of course anything in the movies is popular! Everybody wants to be a superhero! Pop Culture exclusive costumes at Spirit from some of the biggest shows on TV today like Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” FX’s “American Horror Story,” and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will be popular amongst adults. Also breaking out this year are Powerful Women, celebrated with super-heroine favorites like Supergirl and Wonder Woman, as well as anti-heroines like Harley Quinn.

PCH: What is the busiest day to buy costumes?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: While we are a privately held company and don’t disclose specific shopping habits of our customers, more than half of nationwide Halloween spending is done in October and about a quarter of all shopping is done within the last two weeks of the month.

PCH: Why partner with Phoenix Children’s Hospital?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: We focus on hospitals that focus on kids because they need help to make hospital stays less scary for kids and their families. Child Life is a unique and often under-funded department that provides developmental, educational and therapeutic support for children undergoing medical treatment. By supporting the incredible work that Child Life specialists do for their hospitals and patients, we’re helping to ensure that kids and their families are getting access to the resources they need for a better hospital stay.

PCH: How can we help?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Throughout each Halloween season, all of Spirit Halloween’s stores conduct in-store fundraising campaigns, raising $1 at a time to support their local hospitals. What makes our program so unique is that at the end of each season, every dollar collected is given directly to our Child Life departments – that’s 100% of our proceeds!

For more information on Spirit Halloween go to:, and be sure to get 10% percent off your purchase — with 10% going back to Phoenix Children’s Hospital — using the coupon below.