Walmart has certainly made their mark in the community this year and across the board for all of the amazing fundraising they are doing. We are thankful to have such an incredible, caring partner in Walmart. In a time of great need across the nation, due to the unfortunate circumstances of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma, Walmart has stepped up to help those affected by these events. Their relief efforts really show the kind of company and partner Walmart is.

In addition to all of the hurricane relief efforts, Walmart re-enters their five-week campaign benefiting Children’s Miracle Network and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. In particular, some of their east valley stores have made their mark on the map for their best practices, creative ideas, and employee and customer engagement.

Walmart Coca Cola

This year, Walmart store #1746, located at Elliot and Priest, kicked off their campaign with some fun festivities. On Saturday, September 9, they hosted a mini carnival, supported by their staff, vendors, and Phoenix Children’s Champion Shonalisa. Some of the festivities included hot dogs & beverages, popcorn & cupcakes, a photo booth with our Phoenix Children’s Champion, games, and much more – all for donations to benefit Phoenix Children’s! It was a day filled with fun for associates and all of those who visited the store. Check out some fun photos below recapping the event, and meet a few of the East Valley associates helping to drive this fundraising. Every ask counts!

Meet the Employees


Shonalisa & Diana Cabral

How many years have you worked for Walmart?
4 years.

What is your most memorable CMN fundraising experience?
This year’s patient champion Shonalisa spending the day with us.

What puts a spark in your day?
Knowing I have made an effort to help someone and possibly having brightened someone’s day.


Walmart - Kathy Jarrett

How many years have you worked for Walmart?
Two years.

Why do you give?
Because of the excellent care patients receive at Phoenix Children’s. I love seeing all that Phoenix Children’s does for all these sick babies. Their love for the children and families in their time of need is superior.

What is your connection with Phoenix Children’s Hospital?
My granddaughter goes there for all of her special needs.

What makes you happy?
Seeing my granddaughter healthy.


Ortencia - edit

How many years have you worked at Walmart?
14 years.

Why do you give?
My daughter received a liver transplant at 18 months. She is now 16 years old.

What makes you happy?
That my daughter has had a good liver for 15 years now.

Why should people give back to Phoenix Children’s?
I take my daughter to her check-up appointments and see all of the other babies and kids who are waiting and it is heart breaking. I know we are blessed because my daughter only waited 18 months. So grateful to CMN, Walmart, and the United States Air Force.

Shonalisa & Tempe Walmart 1

Your donations truly make a difference! Donate at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club until October 29 to #HelpKidsLiveBetter!