Workplace Giving - doing good is good for business

One special part of Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the amount of community support, and many times that support comes from employees that like to give back through workplace giving, matching and volunteer programs with the generous support of their employers. These unique workplace giving programs offer a greater choice in giving back as well as engagement through team building efforts. So basically…doing good is good business!

According to Charity Navigator, “Trends such as year-round giving and personal giving accounts are on the horizon. Each year, employees raise an astonishing $4.8 billion for nonprofits through work place giving programs.”

At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, your donations matter! Whether it’s a dime or a dollar, it adds up to millions raised by the end of the year. Most importantly, there are many reasons why people choose to give back to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Here are some of the reasons, from PCH supporters in our community, as to why employees and employers banding together for the kiddos is such an amazing thing:

“The employees initiated the idea of identifying a worthy cause we, as Bell Honda, could get behind and support. It did not take long to zero in on Phoenix Children’s Hospital as our unanimous choice. Many of our employees have experienced the outstanding care and support provided by PCH, either for themselves, family members, or friends. As General Manager, it is so inspiring to see even our entry level employees contributing a few dollars out of every check. This inspiration spreads up the line to those of us in management who realize that we too can dig deeper to help the kids and insure this is truly a Bell Honda commitment. We are now in our third year of this partnership, and consider it an honor to support such a universally loved and respected institution.”

Robby Motz
Bell Honda
General Manager

“My husband and I choose to give to Phoenix Children’s Hospital because his godson was a patient and they took wonderful care of him while going through a surgery for kidney cancer. We will forever be grateful for their care of our loved one during that time.”

Lora Hobaica
Salt River Project

“My family gives to Phoenix Children’s Hospital because my daughter has sickle cell anemia and she is frequently a patient there, often overnight. Each time that we have gone, the staff has made us feel at home. My daughter gets all the snacks and toys that she wants. They have pet therapy with some really cute and friendly dogs, and they have a playroom which I think is great; it allows the kids to get up and move, and not be cramped in a room all day, while making new friends. The doctors explain everything so well and make you feel at ease with whatever treatment they are providing. I could go on and on about how amazing that Phoenix Children Hospital is…I am so grateful for their care of our daughter.”

LaSheka Ruiz
Salt River Project

“Most of our team members have children and we wanted to support a cause that is local to the community, Wells Fargo is such a huge organization and contributor to the community and it is important that we continue to create awareness amongst our team. This organization is very near and dear to my team member’s hearts as they have had such an amazing experience the level of attention and connections they have been able to build within the hospitals staff. Children are our future and adequate healthcare is something that every child deserves.”

Noelia Lopez
Store Manager
Wells Fargo

“Phoenix Children’s Hospital is not only a great cause but the monies are used efficiently and effectively. In addition, the City of Phoenix has an annual fund raiser for non-profits. The Phoenix Children’s Hospital is one of the many that you cannot turn down. The wonderful things they do for children and their extended families. My niece as an infant was treated and her mother was assisted, even though it turn out to be a cold or flu, without embarrassment or a scolding but rather commended for having such concern for her infant child. (better safe than sorry). The Phoenix Children’s Hospital gives children and their families hope and peace of mind due their excellent care.”

Mark Escobedo
Store Manager
City of Phoenix

“The Combined Federal Campaign(CFC) is important to charities because it is an employee-focused and driven campaign that is cost-efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to support and promote philanthropy in their community.”

W. Mike Maneiro
CFC Campaign Associate
Maricopa County Combined Federal Campaign

Want to start a workplace giving program for Phoenix Children’s Hospital? For more information on workplace giving go to: Then, contact Patricia Barney at 602-933-2667 or via email.