Spirit Halloween - Phoenix Children's Hospital

With only one week until Halloween, the staff from Spirit Halloween made a special visit to The Child Life Zone—the heart of the hospital, where they happily decorated for the annual “Spirit of Children Party.” The Spirit staff brought costumes for the kiddos, and other vendor-donated products to help make hospitals less scary for kids and their families.

Vivian Rabun, Assistant Manager and Phoenix Market Spirit of Children Coordinator at Spirit Halloween said, “I really enjoy seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces, we all do!  I am so glad that Spirit Halloween can bring a little sunshine into their day!”

For 10 weeks (August-October), Spirit Halloween stores throughout the Valley are taking donations at the register. 100% of all funds will go directly to the Child Life department, a program that provides developmental, educational and therapeutic support for children undergoing medical treatment. Last year, more than $97,000 was raised bringing Spirit’s total contribution to $646,150 for the past decade.

Teresa Boeger is the Director, Division of Family Centered Care she said, “ We are so grateful to Spirit Halloween for helping children and their families heal through play…Their partnership provides the space, toys, and supplies for “kids to be kids” when they’re sick and in the hospital.”

Read more from our interview with Surprise Store Manager of Spirit Halloween, Breeze Heath, on how you can support the 21 stores in the Valley in raising funds for Phoenix Children’s Hospital! Read until the end to learn about a special coupon!

PCHF: We heard a few patient ambassadors dropped by your store. How does that help staff?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: It helps a lot for the staff to personally see children that we are helping by making “the ask” at the register. We were lucky enough to have a few patients stop by. We made balloon bouquets for the family, wore superhero shirts and my staff personally pitched in to help purchase a costume for each patient.

PCHF: That is so very nice of you and your team. That sounds fun, what did they pick out
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: It was really fun! Ethan came in and he wanted to be a computer game character that we didn’t have. He showed us a picture, so we created it from his description and he was very happy! Yeira, she loves Stranger Things and is actually counting down the days until the second season begins. She wanted to be the main character, Eleven, so we set up the outfit complete with the waffle purse! And for Isaiah, we played Isaiah’s latest rap song “Hate is for the Weak” when he walked in on our speaker system to show our support. He picked out a mask and really wanted the Chucky doll for his birthday!

Spirit Halloween Surprise Store 10.14.17

PCHF: So we heard the patient ambassador visits really impacted your son, Ethan?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Yes, my son Ethan who shares the same name as one of the kiddos, got to meet patients Isaiah, Yeira and Ethan. He made a post on social media that almost made me cry, “I got the chance to meet Ethan, Isaiah and Yeira thanks to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, these kids are truly inspirational and they are living proof that anything’s possible! All of them are so amazing and so kind, these kids are seriously so amazing!”

PCHF: What is the most popular costume for boys and girls this year?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Anything movie oriented seems to continue to be a fan favorite for shoppers of every age, from infants to adults. For boys, Stephen King’s “It” has created a demand for scary clown costumes! Descendants, the immensely popular movie is also a hit among young girls and teens. Disney’s Moana, princesses from the classic Snow White to Cinderella will continue to be popular with young girls.

PCHF: What is the history behind Spirit of Children?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Spirit of Children started ten years ago with eleven hospitals in our own backyard and the belief that a great holiday should do great good…and it worked! Since then, the program has raised more than $37 million in cash & merchandise donations and we have worked with over 140 children’s hospitals across the United States, and Canada beginning in 2014.

Spirit of Children

PCHF: Is it hard to make “the ask” for a donation at the register?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: We make it fun! Customers can donate $1 for an icon with their name on it or round up the change. We have a cowbell they can ring or take a picture (#morecowbell).

PCHF: Why partner with Phoenix Children’s Hospital?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: We focus on hospitals that focus on kids because they need help to make hospital stays less scary for kids and their families. Child Life is a unique and often under-funded department that provides developmental, educational and therapeutic support for children undergoing medical treatment. By supporting the incredible work that Child Life specialists do for their hospitals and patients, we’re helping to ensure that kids and their families are getting access to the resources they need for a better hospital stay.

PCHF: How can we help?
SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Throughout each Halloween season, all of Spirit Halloween’s stores conduct in-store fundraising campaigns, raising $1 at a time to support their local hospitals. What makes our program so unique is that at the end of each season, every dollar collected is given directly to the Child Life departments – that’s 100% of our proceeds!

Spirit Halloween has opened 45 stores in the Arizona market with the objective of making sure you have the perfect costume and accessories this holiday season. Along with supplying you with all of your Halloween needs, they make the holiday that much more special for the kiddos at Phoenix Children’s Hospital by donating costumes to those in our care.

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