Team up with us for the Sports Super Heroes Cape Crusade to G.I.V.E. H.O.P.E. to Phoenix Children’s Hospital! Your donation will help build a new Emergency/Trauma Center to serve over 100,000 children each year.

But who are we, exactly? Sports Super Heroes are 12-18 year-old youth athletes who Get Involved, Volunteer, Educate and Help Other People Exceed (GIVE HOPE). Our mission is that through One HOPE Word + One HOPE Dollar = Million Dollar Change; we can make a difference through bringing Sports Philanthropy in our community! Please join us by donating and giving a cape to a patient!

SSH-logo-2-400pxBeing involved with Sports Super Heroes will help us make an impact on the community, the patients, and the hospital. Touring the future ER Trauma Center was enlightening because we had an opportunity to see the amazing expansion that will take place. On our visit, we interviewed multiple staff members and patients to hear their stories. One patient in particular told her story and it helped us realize the incredible support PCH gives to all their patients. They supported her as she was learning how to walk again and they encouraged her to keep pushing herself. The type of support she received helped her to get her back to how she was before her injury. Hearing stories from doctors and administrators showed us that they genuinely have passion for what they do.

Listening to what Phoenix Children’s Hospital is doing for children is eye opening, especially since most of us have never been patients there. We want to give back to those unfortunate individuals who have suffered life-changing injuries. As Board members for this initiative, we are motivated and committed to doing our part to accomplish this vision. Help us by donating now!