This is a guest post by Danielle G, whose son, Alexander, is a patient at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

A couple of weeks ago, we were gearing up for the Foam Glow 5K, which turned out to be even more special than we initially thought it would be.

Our son, Alexander (pictured below), is a smart, strong, and fun-loving boy. He is our world! He is also a patient at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Thus, the Foam Glow was emotional for our family because of all the obstacles we’ve had to overcome since Alexander was born.

Alexander-Gonzalez-FoamGlow-2015-2-750pxAlexander was born at 28 weeks, which is 3 months early! He weighted 2lbs. 5 oz. and was 11 inches! That is not a typo, Alexander was less than a foot tall! In fact, they didn’t get his “official” height until he was about a week old. For us, taking part in something like this takes us back to the beginning of our journey, the PCH neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) 3 ½ years ago. Alexander was immediately intubated and taken to the NICU with an entire medical team. I had to stay behind so my medical team could finish a C-section, while Alexander’s dad “ran” alongside the incubator. At this point, we did not know if Alexander was strong enough to survive. Over the next 77 days, Alexander received the care he needed in order to be discharged from the NICU!

To think, after just 3 ½ years, Alexander has hit all of his milestones. He is so active and energetic that he not only ran the race without a problem, but he also got on stage and danced the night away with our family during the after party. What a night!

Thanks to Foam Glow for being such great supporters for Phoenix Children’s Hospital!

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