Blog Post 2- Picture 2

I was once told that I would never walk again, let alone run. However, today I am preparing for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital 5K. I run to represent the Hospital and all of the patients battling for their lives each day. Every dollar raised will help the patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This 5K means a lot to me, because I was once one of those patients.

When I was only two years old the doctors at Phoenix Children’s Hospital found a tumor in my brain. It was surgically removed but left me paralyzed on my right side. I worked to regain my function and speech but I was left with two movement disorders: spasticity and dystonia. Instead of letting my hemi-paralysis hold me back, I have used it as motivation and inspiration.

Anyone who knows me will say two things about me, “Erin loves Phoenix Children’s Hospital and participates in crazy runs.” The Phoenix Children’s Hospital 5K is an opportunity to be a part of my two favorite things. At every race I participate in, I either wear a PCH shirt or bracelet. This one will be no different.

Erin at 2016's Phoenix Children's Hospital's Distance for the Difference

Erin (left) at last year’s Phoenix Children’s Hospital race

Something great about the Phoenix Children’s Hospital 5K is that you don’t have to be a great runner to participate. Nobody cares how quickly you can get through the race or if you walk or ran; they care that you’re helping such a special organization. Although, it is important to prepare for the race because a 5K is pretty extraneous.

Physically, it is important to train your body for the length of time you will be running or walking. However, I have been finding it especially important to also focus on my eating habits leading up to the race. I have been working on staying hydrated and eating healthy foods. Healthy eating not only makes me feel better in general, but it is making my workouts easier to get through. The few days before the race will be especially important. I plan on following some of the tips found in this video.

As a former patient, volunteer and current employee at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, I am incredibly excited for this year’s Phoenix Children’s Hospital 5K. I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends and colleagues who I recruited out there running their hearts out for the children at the Hospital. Join me in October in helping the children and families of Phoenix Children’s Hospital.