Thank you for being a part of Condition Critical

Thanks to your generous support, our new ED is open and seeing patients.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Condition Critical Campaign to build the new Emergency Department and Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center. We were delighted to celebrate this momentous occasion at the Dedication Ceremony on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

When we first opened the doors in 2002, the Emergency Department and Trauma Center was built to accommodate 27,000 patient visits annually. Over the years, our reputation as a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center grew and the demand for our services spiked. Now, that same space sees 87,000 patient visits annually with a projection of 100,000 by 2020.

Today, all children will have access to the exceptional emergency care they deserve.

It took $40 million to build the new Emergency Department and Trauma Center, and because of you, not only did we fulfill our goal, we exceeded the target and raised $40.8 million.

Thank you again for being a part of this transformational milestone in the history of Phoenix Children’s Hospital.


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