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Companies that do good in the community do well in business. Partnering with Phoenix Children’s Hospital can help enhance your brand, increase morale among your staff and even improve your bottom line as you support our young patients and their families.

Your donations to Phoenix Children’s Hospital support a wide range of pediatric programs, including research, patient care, child life and family support initiatives, community benefit programs, medical education and more.

There are a number of ways that your business can support Phoenix Children’s Hospital. For more information on these opportunities, please contact our Corporate Team by email or call us at 602-933-2658.

Charitable Partnerships

Through workplace giving programs, your employees can make donations to Phoenix Children’s Hospital via payroll deduction. Workplace giving increases morale, establishes a corporate culture of philanthropy, and provides an opportunity for individual donations to have a larger impact based on the cumulative total. Additional information about the Hospital and/or materials for your campaign can be found in our workplace giving toolkit.

Cause Marketing

Studies indicate that consumers choose to shop at companies that support important charitable causes over those that don’t. And employees prefer working for companies that support a local cause in the community too. By implementing a special promotion or cause-related marketing program, you can support our patients and promote your business at the same time.

Corporate Giving

Build customer loyalty while supporting Phoenix Children’s Hospital and our families. Corporate promotions include icon campaigns, change collections, internal employee fundraising activities and donating a percentage of sales.

Contact Us and Get Started

Contact us by using the form below, or complete and return the PCH corporate giving form or  cause marketing form. Our team will help you determine which type of promotion would be the best fit for your company and customers.