Multiple naming opportunities are still available for the capital campaign to build a new Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. If you’re interested in one of the opportunities below, please contact Kelly Lane by email, or by phone at 602-933-2616.

Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders: $10,000,000

This Center of excellence offers the best pediatric care in Arizona, but the rising number of children being diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder is driving the need for expanded space to provide that lifesaving treatment. With a new state-of-the-art cancer center, Phoenix Children’s will be able to treat every child who needs oncology and hematology care.

Family Waiting Area: $2,500,000

The waiting area offers a spacious and soothing space inspired by the hospital’s Oasis of Healing architectural design. The open concept and design is inspired by the desert landscape with comfortable seating, calming colors and nearby views of the Phoenix skyline.

Hematology and Oncology Care Area: $2,500,000

The Hematology and Oncology Care Area is where a child presents when first diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder.  This is where parents are educated on caring for their child, where a child learns how to cope with reality and where their journey to become a survivor begins.

Infusion Care Area: $1,000,000

This naming opportunity has been reserved. Located in the outpatient clinic, the infusion care area is a place where patients receive infusions, transfusions, injections and other related services in a centralized location. This state-of-the-art center features 21 infusion chairs and 15 private rooms that offer more privacy for children who are sick or are immune-compromised. The infusion area provides a comforting environment with comfortable recliners and games, DVDs and age-appropriate toys.

Infusion Open Area: $1,000,000

This naming opportunity has been reserved. This space has six open bays to accommodate those patients that desire a more social environment. Many of these infusion patients visit the clinic regularly for extended periods of time and create long lasting friendships. The area can also accommodate some of the quicker infusion procedures.

Child Life Playroom: $1,000,000

This naming opportunity has been reserved. The creative atmosphere of the playroom encourages children to express themselves and explore their feelings. The playroom will be designed to reduce a child’s anxiety and engage children in play as a much needed distraction from treatment.

Patient Intake: $750,000

This naming opportunity has been reserved. The intake space has four stations where every patient will be brought into prior to their exam or infusion to get basic medical information including height, weight and temperature.

Phlebotomy Care Area: $500,000

This naming opportunity has been reserved. The phlebotomy care area is composed of carefully trained individuals with extensive experience drawing blood from children of all ages, including infants and children with multiple medical needs whose veins may be “difficult.” The staff strives to obtain specimens with the minimum discomfort and anxiety for the patient and family, and with the minimum volume of blood taken to perform the necessary tests.

Treatment Room: $250,000

This naming opportunity has been reserved. The treatment rooms provide a calming and alternate setting to an operating room for non-invasive and less intense procedures. These patients require a much lower amount of sedation and are able to remain conscious during the procedure.

Preparation and Recovery Area: $250,000

This naming opportunity has been reserved. The preparation and recovery area is adjacent to the treatment rooms. This is where families rejoin their child while they recover from local or light general anesthesia.

Nourishment Room: $250,000

This naming opportunity has been reserved. Nutrition is an important part of the health of all children. It’s especially important for children getting treatment to get the nutrients they need. The nourishment room stores and refrigerates easily accessible food for patient care during treatment. Given the long period of time required for treatment, the room also provides easily accessible snacks and convenient ways for families to prepare food during their stay.

Conference Training Room: $100,000

This space is located within the clinical department and provides for a team work environment for multiple people supporting the clinic. The room is especially important as it provides space for in-service education for clinical persons at a sitting. In-service for continuing education is a crucial part of daily life in the outpatient clinic and infusion center.

Exam Room: $100,000

The 18 exam rooms are the heart of operations for the outpatient clinic. This space is where all exams for hematology and oncology patients occur. These rooms will include a split-flow model where patient and staff traffic is separated improving patient privacy and the clinic experience.

Infusion Room: $100,000

These rooms will include a comfortable chair for infusion procedures and a small activity table. Each room is private with walls and sliding glass doors at the entry. The 15 rooms have a south-facing exterior window with a TV and iPad to entertain patients during treatment.

Family Consult Room: $100,000

The two consult rooms will provide a relaxed environment for discussions with patients and families. They will be utilized in association with the treatment rooms to explain procedures to patients and families, as well as serve as a small waiting space for families during procedures. The rooms will have a table, chairs and a wall mounted television for family education purposes.

Pharmacy Work Area: $100,000

Pharmacists perform chemo compounding and drug preparation for the clinic and outpatient infusion center.

Phlebotomy Nurses Station: $50,000

Work area for phlebotomy clinical staff allowing for direct observation of the blood draw stations.