“We’re encouraging everyone to join us in supporting the Palliative Care program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which provides support to children with life-limiting conditions to maximize their quality of life.”

– Jack Fedor, George W. Bauer Family Foundation

Palliative Care provides support to children with life-limiting conditions and their families by identifying goals of care, coordinating care, managing symptoms, and maximizing quality of life. The Palliative Care program helps advocate for the child and family’s goals and ensures support is provided to the whole family. Donate now to support Palliative Care, or join these sponsors to make an impact on improving the lives of young children with life-limiting conditions:

In Video: Learn More About Palliative Care

Your generosity ensures that our patients have access to services, many of which are funded entirely through donations, that help children heal emotionally. Meet a few of the care providers and patient family members from the Palliative Care program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital:

Learn more about Palliative Care from Tressia Shaw, MD, the Program Director for Palliative Care at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Claudia and Jesus discuss how the Palliative Care program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital has helped them and their daughter, Aileb.

Learn more about Bereavement Services from Amanda Sahli, the Bereavement Coordinator for the PCH Palliative Care program.

Aimee talks about the Palliative Care program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and the difference it made for her daughter.

News About #PalliativeCare

Find out what people are saying on social media about the beneficial impact of Palliative Care for children with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions

The Impact

Donors ensure that we can continue to provide Palliative Care for all children and families who need it. Since the program’s inception in 2009, nearly 1,000 children and families have benefited from Palliative Care.

What Does the Palliative Care Program Provide to Help Kids Live Well?

  • Consultation and care by in interdisciplinary team including social work, physician, and child life support. This results in reduced symptoms, higher family satisfaction with overall care, and greater emotional support.
  • A team that can care for a child and family across care locations including hospital, outpatient, and home
  • Comprehensive pain and symptom management, which results in improved quality of life
  • When needed, end-of-life care which includes support for decision making, advance care planning, and comfort care
  • When needed, bereavement support for up to 2 years
  • Home support through our social work team and community partners