Thinking about applying for a Leadership Circle Grant?

Since 2005, Leadership Circle has granted 67 programs and projects averaging $67, 417, for a total of $4,181,940. In 2017, Leadership Circle raised the maximum grant request amount to $150,000!

Start with the Leadership Circle Grant Application Timeline (PDF).

Next you will want to review the 2018 Leadership Circle Grant Application (PDF) and the Budget Template (PDF).

General Instructions

  • Type and single-space all proposals
  • Use 10 point minimum font size
  • Answer all of the questions in the order listed
  • If your application funding includes staff, you will need to list the salary and benefits at 18.7%.
  • All applications must indicate department’s Senior Vice President or Executive Vice President as authorizing person and signature must be provided
  • Email research proposals to Tomas Naughton at and all other proposals to Brooke Turley at
  • Submit the application through September 15, 2017

For technical assistance with the Project Tracking System, please contact Brooke Turley at 602-933-2662 or

For process or program assistance, please contact Brooke Turley at 602-933-2662 or

Take a look at previously funded Leadership Circle Grants.