Exclusively for Innovators

Investment at the Innovator level helps accelerate advancements in pediatrics that will benefit children for generations to come. It also comes with exclusive benefits, including:

  • Preferred seating at the annual luncheon
  • Special behind-the-scenes experiences with physicians, researchers and patients at Behind the Red Line events
  • Year-round opportunities to fund promising projects at Power Pitch events

For more information about becoming an Innovator, contact Dana Jirauch at djirauch@phoenixchildrens.com.

Having three young children, we have learned nothing is worse than seeing your child in pain or unwell. We feel particularly drawn to supporting Leadership Circle to help ensure that every child has access to the best medical care available. Innovation is a key component of this, and we love being a part of the “Innovators” who have come together to support promising projects that can truly change pediatrics. 

Brittany and Matt Messmer

Power Pitch: Innovation Can’t Wait

Power Pitch is an exclusive opportunity for Innovators to fund projects outside of the regular Leadership Circle grant cycle. Power Pitch projects are supported with a percentage of Innovator funds set aside from general Leadership Circle funds.

Initial vetting of Power Pitch proposals is conducted by Phoenix Children’s Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer David Higginson. At our quarterly Power Pitch events, Innovators hear the pitches and vote on whether to fund the projects.

February 2022 Power Pitch

Innovators awarded grants to two projects at the February 2022 Power Pitch event.

Hybrid Clinic Visit

Hybrid Clinic Visit

During the pandemic, Phoenix Children’s learned how to conduct meaningful virtual clinic visits via Zoom when the doctor and the patient were in different physical locations. Now that more visits are again taking place in person, it’s clear that it can be very useful to include additional parents or clinical staff virtually in the visit between a patient and a doctor. Initiate a pilot program of 40 Amazon Show devices at a cost of $250 each – adding a small computer to each room that is capable of very easily joining a Zoom meeting.

Smart patient tvs

Smart Patient TVs

Inpatient Room TVs haven’t changed for 15 years and currently are capable of providing cable only. Initiate a pilot program working with ASU Luminosity Lab to test and vet several Smart TVs with real families and patients in an inpatient-room setting. Test a variety of devices capable of incorporating Amazon Omni TV, Zoom with a camera, different speaker options, different remote cases and tethering.