Champions of innovation

Innovators are a select group of Leadership Circle members who have invested in innovation at the highest level ($10,000 or more). Innovator support is central to fueling the groundbreaking work of the Phoenix Children’s physicians and researchers who are shaping the future of pediatric medicine.

Investment at the Innovator level helps accelerate advancements in pediatrics that will benefit children for generations to come. It also comes with exclusive benefits, including:

  • Preferred seating at the annual luncheon, where Leadership Circle members vote on the annual grant awards
  • Special behind-the-scenes experiences with physicians, researchers and patients
  • Year-round opportunities to fund promising projects at our exclusive Power Pitch events. At these events, which take place outside of the regular grant cycle, select applicants pitch their projects to Innovators, who decide immediately whether or not to fund the projects.

For more information about becoming an Innovator, contact Dana Jirauch at

$10K Innovator 2 Votes

Innovator Directors

Brittany and Matt Messmer


“Having three young children, we have learned nothing is worse than seeing your child in pain or unwell. We feel particularly drawn to supporting the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Leadership Circle to help ensure that every child has access to the the best medical care available. Innovation is a key component to this and we love being a part of the “Innovators” that have come together to grant funding toward promising and actionable projects

that can truly change the world of pediatrics as we know it.”

-Brittany and Matt Messmer

DeeDee and Ken Vecchione

DeeDee & Ken

“Phoenix Children’s Hospital continues to be a leader in cutting edge medical care. A Leadership Circle membership at the Innovator level not only allows us to fund research and treatment projects, it also allows us to vote on how the money is allocated. This gives us great joy knowing that we are contributing to easing the suffering of children in our own community.”
-DeeDee and Ken Vecchione

October 2021 Power Pitch Funds Two Projects

Leadership Circle Innovators awarded two grants for the inaugural Power Pitch that will advance the important work of these talented physicians and research scientists. The impact of their work will significantly enhance the world-class care for patients and families at Phoenix Children’s. We look forward to learning more about the progress of these funded projects. Our next Power Pitch will be held in February 2022 and we look forward to you joining us.

Project: Patient Room e-Signage

Currently important patient information is relayed to staff with paper sticky notes, laminated signs and word of mouth.  This project would show key real-time patient information based on information in the electronic medical record ensuring best possible care.  Low Risk, three-to-six months to execute.

Amount Funded: $40,000
Project: Next Generation – 3D Assisted Surgery

The next logical step to visualizing the 3D version of the patient’s heart or spine during surgery using Augmented Reality and Microsoft Halo Lens. Current 2D visualization of the patient is a challenge for surgeons who need to be able to see ‘around the corner.’  Medium Risk for successful completion because of adoption and new technique to PCH, six months to install and execute.

Amount Funded: $35,000

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