Leadership Circle Impact

Leadership Circle has funded 80 remarkable grant proposals since 2005. See how Leadership Circle has supported the mission of Phoenix Children’s Hospital in providing the best hope, healing, and healthcare to children and their families.

Development of a Neuro-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Year Funded: 2009
Amount Funded: $50,000

This funding allowed for the completion of our Neuro-NICU program, where the use of cooling therapy halts the cascading effect of brain damage when a newborn is deprived of oxygen.

Maggie’s Cooling Cap Story

Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Virtual Visit
Year Funded: 2015
Amount Funded: $69,000

When a newborn baby faces complications that require intensive care, the last thing a parent wants to do is leave their baby’s side. But often, parents have to return to work or take care of other children. Extended family members may be located too far away to visit in-person and visitation around these fragile newborns is strictly controlled. The NICU webcam program uses a secure video feed to give families a way to visit their newborn from anywhere with an internet connection.

Veinviewer Imaging System
Year Funded: 2007
Amount Funded: $25,000

This system projects the image of the vessels directly onto the patient’s skin for a blood draw, which eliminates the “guesswork” in locating a vessel and frees clinicians to use their hands.

Improving Palliative Care for Children
Year Funded: 2009
Amount Funded: $30,000

This funding established a multidisciplinary team to optimize the quality of a child’s life while coping with life-limiting conditions through family-centered care. Our holistic, interdisciplinary approach addresses each patient family’s unique needs by engaging physicians, social workers, child life specialists, nursing, chaplains and counselors to support them across multiple aspects of their lives. The Palliative care team’s focus is to improve quality of life through pain and symptom management, coordinating care, assisting with goals of care and decision making, sibling support, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual support.