About PCH50

PCH50, also known as “The Fifty”, has a mission to harness the energy, enthusiasm and experience of 50 driven community leaders as the next generation supporters of Phoenix Children’s Hospital through financial fundraising, volunteer efforts and awareness building.

“The Fifty” was established in 2015 by Steve Schnall, Senior VP and Chief Development Officer Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Brent Gulbas, Chief Operating Officer at National Restaurant Supply. With a loosely established plan of bringing together a strong group of community leaders, different from those already in support of Phoenix Children’s, they created a list of approximately 10 mens’ names to invite as the Founding Members. From small local businesses to large corporations, and little connection to the Hospital to deeply rooted families at PCH, this group set off to decide how it could help.

PCH50 was derived from the number of members the group will have at capacity plus the maximum age of a current member. The Founding Members were adamant that there was more to be done than raising money so the additional pillars of Volunteer and Awareness were added as part of the mission. The largest event PCH50 hosts is Off The Record, an exclusive, live music party held once a year.