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Gracie poses in front of a white background and looks at the camera.
VIDEO: Dancing Through Life’s Obstacles
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome has presented many ongoing hardships for Gracie. But this hasn’t stopped her from pressing on.
Three Heart Warrios Three Siblings
Three Siblings. Three Heart Warriors.
Every day, heroes Jason, Isabel and Jaxon fight against a one-in-a-million heart condition.
Tiny Yet Mighty: Meet Kash
Born prematurely and weighing less than 2 pounds, Kash faced a multitude of health problems during his first months. But thanks to the care he received at Phoenix Children’s, he has overcome many obstacles.
Energetic, Determined and Fearless: Meet Taylor
A genetic disorder may have taken 15-year-old Taylor’s ability to walk and kept her small in stature, but that hasn’t slowed her down.
What Hope Looks Like When Time Is Running Out
When a child’s life is on the line, hope means everything to a family. This is the story of how Lucas and his family kept hope alive in desperate circumstances.
A Resilient Fighter: Meet Amiya
Amiya is staying strong in the face of a serious injury that upended her world.
Recovery That Strikes a Chord
An aneurysm left music-loving Henry silent, until one music therapy session changed everything.
Be Brave with Me: Super Cooper
In this series, we follow Phoenix Children’s Hospital patients for a day to show what they go through when they’re here for treatment—and how brave they fight! This is Cooper’s story.
Talia picture posing.
My Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Talia, in Her Own Words
Talia and her family are never going to give up. “Not today. Not ever.”
A New Heart for Rissa
Rissa’s journey continues, but this hypoplastic left heart syndrome patient is thriving, thanks to a life-saving gift.
Forging a Friendship on the Seventh Floor
Undergoing cancer treatment together bonded two toddlers in a friendship that inspired millions.