Charitable Gift Annuities: “Gifts that pay you income!”

Many supporters of Phoenix Children’s want to give more, but feel like their income won’t allow it. The answer may be a gift that provides you income for life. Some trusts and gift annuities will allow you to donate an asset that is providing you little income, and turn it into both a gift to the Hospital later, while you receive regular quarterly payments of income for life!

Called a charitable gift annuity, this type of gift usually involves a simple contract. You give an asset to Phoenix Children’s for us to use later for care of the children. And during your lifetime we’ll make quarterly payments to you. In addition you get an income tax deduction among other tax benefits for the charitable value of the contract.

You may also want to consider income-earning gifts such as Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts. For more information on these options, contact Jason Craig.