Wills and Trusts

A gift in a will or trust allows you to provide Hope, Healing and the Best Health care to kids in our community without costing you anything today. Wills are trusts help you clarify your values and your wishes for your assets during your lifetime and beyond.

And when you notify us of your intentions, you become a member of our Phoenix Children’s Legacy Society. We keep our members informed about new developments at the Hospital, and invite you to special Legacy Society receptions, and presentations by clinicians and researchers. What’s more, you will get to know the difference that your gift makes, while you can appreciate it.

Read more about how Joyce made a gift in her will to benefit the kids at Phoenix Children’s. The gift reflects her values and she is able to see the difference she is making now.

Beneficiary Designations: “Even easier than a will!”

Most of us make gifts from our checking accounts. But did you know that most bank accounts, retirement accounts and life insurance policies allow you to name a charity as one of the beneficiaries?

When you set up an account you are usually asked to name someone as the beneficiary. Often this will be your spouse or your children. But it’s easy to change or add to this list, usually on a single page form. You can add Phoenix Children’s Hospital as a “contingent beneficiary” which means the account is donated to the Hospital if your other beneficiaries do not survive you. Or you can include a gift of a specific amount or a percent of your account to Phoenix Children’s.

Contact us today to learn about naming Phoenix Children’s Hospital as a beneficiary of your accounts today.