3-D Printing

3D printed models help doctors, patients and families see and touch an organ or tumor, improving communication and patient care.

3-D printing technology produces solid, 3-dimensional objects from digital files. Phoenix Children’s has whole-heartedly embraced this new technology at our 3-D Print Lab. 3-D printing allows patients and families to see, touch and feel an exact replica of an organ, like the heart. Kids gain a better understanding of what is happening to them physically during this tactile experience.

The Hospital’s Cardiology and Heart Surgery specialty is ranked among the best children’s hospital in the nation, and 3-D Printing has been extremely beneficial for surgeons and physicians. By being able to see the model ahead of time, they are able to better plan what exactly they will see during surgery. This has cut down surgery time and the amount of anesthesia necessary. Your donation ensures patients and Hospital staff continue reaping the benefits of 3D Printing.