Proudly the region’s only dedicated pediatric heart transplant program, experts here treat children for minor to complex conditions.

Every child has a big heart, but some children’s hearts need extra help. Phoenix Children’s Heart Center is the premier regional referral center in the Southwest and the fifth largest program of its kind in the U.S. We offer the most comprehensive inpatient and outpatient pediatric cardiac care services to infants, children, and teens with congenital heart defects, rhythm disturbances, heart failure and other cardiac-related problems.

Whether it’s for a simple or complex heart condition, the trained physicians and cardiac nurses deliver advanced family-centered care. The availability of varied cardiac clinical staff on-site at Phoenix Children’s campus allows for all patients to receive all facets of care under one roof. This continuum of care leads to better outcomes and more consistent follow-ups. Have a heart; donate now to ensure we constantly keep the beat with emerging medicine. The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation’s tax ID number is 74-2421549.