Meal Assistance Program

When family finances are strained the Meal Assistance program offers sustenance, so everyone can focus on support and healing.

Sometimes parents tending to a sick child forget to eat. It’s tough to leave the hospital room when a child is ill, anxious or recovering. Other times, families don’t visit the cafeteria for another reason altogether – a lack of funds. Sudden trips to the hospital or emergency department are never planned, and longer stays can drain family finances. At Phoenix Children’s, we know helping children get well means taking care of their families, too. A warm, healthful meal is a good way to start.

In partnership with the Hospital’s social work department, the Meal Assistance Program helps nourish families in need who qualify for the program. These programs include meal vouchers for families facing prolonged hospital stays; meals for families who’ve driven long distances to the Emergency Department; and lunches for patients receiving chemotherapy. This program is funded 100% through philanthropy; your generous donation feeds someone in body and spirit – when it’s needed most.