NICU Cameras

Nested in each infant’s incubator in the NICU, cameras give parents peace of mind as they monitor babies via smartphones.

For many new parents, just watching their babies sleep brings so much joy. Unfortunately, parents of babies placed in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) often miss out on this early experience — unless they’re at the Hospital 24/7. Phoenix Children’s has changed that by installing web cameras above each incubator. Parents can log into a secure site from any computer or smartphone and check on their little one day or night.

The NICU cares for both “preemies” and full-term babies. Premature infants are treated for an array of medical conditions related to their immaturity, including heart problems and under-developed digestive and neurological symptoms. Babies born full-term may be treated for infection, congenital birth defects, in-utero drug exposure and complications from traumatic births. Your donations help fund Neonatal Care programs, such as the web camera implementation, to ease parents’ stress and worry during those fragile first days and months.