These former patients turned philanthropists put their gratitude in action to raise funds and secure grants to give back to the Hospital.

No one knows better about the struggles of a Hospital stay than former patients themselves. For many patients, part of the healing process involves helping others walk the same journey. The Patient and Family Alumni Leadership (PALs) group is former patients (or their family members) who give back to enrich the Hospital experience. PALs members endorse events and work on personal fundraising throughout the year to raise money for their small grants program. These initiatives improve patient care and overall experience at Phoenix Children’s.

Over the years, grant funding awarded by PALs has funded a range of efforts, including continuing education for nurses, 3D printing projects, and digital journey boards for patients. Your donation to the PALs group makes a lasting impact on how patients experience care and healing at Phoenix Children’s. Make a gift of $240 or more to become a PALs member, or simply donate any amount to support this group’s mission.