Newborn Intensive Care Unit

NICU Phoenix Children's Hospital

The Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is a Level IIIc nursery, which offers the highest level of care and cares for the most critically ill babies. With more than 250 dedicated NICU healthcare professionals, we are able to provide specialized services in over 70 sub-specialties for infants who are premature or in critical condition. Phoenix Children’s is also the only Neuro-NICU in Arizona, and the second of only a handful in the entire nation, making our services and programs incomparable.

With approximately 1,300 babies throughout the Southwest being admitted to Phoenix Children’s NICU each year, the need for more space and privacy grows exponentially. Increased capacity and privacy would allow parents to freely receive updates on their child’s status, have visitors, and in some cases, grieve in the privacy of their own room.

Our immediate goal is to expand the NICU to better fulfill the needs of our families. With your generous support, we can provide these newborns the opportunity to thrive, grow, and live the life they were meant to live. Surgical procedures help patients survive traumatic injuries, beat cancer, overcome organ failure, and get back to being kids.

All proceeds from Beach Ball 2018 will support the expansion of the                 Newborn Intensive Care Unit.