A Ride in the Batmobile

Trinity in the BatmobileI have only been a member of the team here at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation for about four months now, but I’ve seen a lot of special things already, such as inspiring kids, caring co-workers, selfless volunteers, and generous donors who care deeply about helping children. Rarely a day goes by where I’m not awed by someone, and I feel fortunate to be able to help further the Foundation’s mission.

A recent event made for perhaps my most special day here, however.

Why? Well, Bruce Wayne — who, of course, is a well-known philanthropist — is a supporter of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Mr. Wayne periodically invites some of the hospital’s patients and families to Wayne Labs for a visit. Recently, his staff (Mr. Wayne was out town on a mysterious “business trip”) hosted PCH patient Trinity (pictured above), and I was on hand to represent the Foundation. I also brought my two sons along, and what we saw was pretty amazing.

It turns out that Bruce Wayne has an incredible facility underneath the Wayne Labs building, and the patients and families who were able to tour the site saw some fantastic equipment. There were special computers, rare automobiles, police scanners, and even voice recognition machines.

The BatmobileBut one item in particular stood out: a car. It was a car that I had only seen before on TV and in movies. Fire spewed from its tail, and its engine roared like none other.

It was the Batmobile. And I drove it.

Now, I’m not exactly sure how Mr. Wayne came into possession of the Batmobile. Perhaps Batman loaned it to him for the evening. But one thing is certain: the experience of riding in the actual Batmobile brought smiles to all the faces of the patients and families who toured Wayne Labs that night.  I’ll never forget those smiles. To me, they will be a reminder that everyone who supports the Phoenix Children’s Hospital — donors, student fundraisers, volunteers, and staff — is doing important work. We’re all part of a mission of not only improving the lives of children, but also supporting life-saving research and medical treatment.

If you’d like to be part of this mission, then consider volunteering at the hospital, or making a donation to help children in need. Bringing smiles to their faces is something that you’ll never forget.

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