Finding Hope in Henry’s Recovery

Look at Henry Go

Henry was just 2 and a half when he underwent a complex surgery for a large brain aneurysm. During surgery, his aneurysm fully ruptured and Henry suffered a major brain hemorrhage, causing a stroke. He spent 10 days in a medically induced coma and 4 weeks in the PICU before beginning rehabilitation. Henry relearned how to walk at the inpatient neuro-rehabilitation center. He also had to learn how to hold his head up, roll over, stand, talk, and eat.

“Phoenix Children’s Hospital holds a very special place in our hearts. The amount of support, encouragement, and patience you’ve all shown our family is incredible. The staff has become a second family. We are so proud to have you all with us on our journey and continue to admire all the great work you do for all of your families.”
–Jenna and Brandon, Henry’s parents

5 Fun Facts About Henry

1. Favorite color: Red.
2. Favorite person at the hospital? Sara, one of his Physical Therapists. He loves her tickles and big hugs.
3. Best thing about the hospital: Riding the blue bike from the gym to the “echo room.” Henry calls the East entrance the “echo room” because his echo is always there.
4. Favorite hobby/activity? Playing cars with his brother.
5. Favorite book: There’s a Hippo in My Bath by Kyoko Matsuoka.

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