Living Proof Your donations Matter: Isaiah



A lot of people think it would be cool to be born on Halloween; not only would you get birthday cake on your big day, you’d get tons and tons of candy! Isaiah was born on October 31st but he’s never had candy. In fact, Isaiah has never tasted food at all. That’s because he was born without a jaw. He has come so far since his very premature birth and all because of the generous support of donors like you.

Isaiah was born two months early. When he entered the world, he couldn’t breathe and was without oxygen for 15-20 minutes. The doctors weren’t sure if he would survive or if he did, what sort of state he would be in. But Isaiah is a fighter and he has battled through too many surgeries to even count, including a tracheotomy, G-tube, a funnel clamp to tighten his stomach to stop gag refluxes, 10 ear tube sets, and 3 eye surgeries.

Life was especially tough in the early days. With having no jaw and no upper airway, he couldn’t be resuscitated by CPR. His mom had to have lots of special training to take care of him but she said she wouldn’t have traded those days for anything in the world. Now Isaiah is in 8th grade. He still receives all his nutrition through his G-tube. He may not be able to talk but he has no trouble communicating through sign language, gestures, and texts. Sometimes he has to miss school when he’s too sick or has to go to the hospital; those times he tries to keep up his studies with a home tutor.

You’d think that a kid who has spent so much time in the hospital would hate going but you’d be wrong when it comes to Isaiah. He loves going to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Sometimes out in public people stare or he gets bullied but at PCH, he feels completely welcomed and loved. PCH has also helped his mom develop an amazing support system – – especially through the Child Life program, which his mom describes simply, “They make wonders.”

The future likely holds a lot more surgeries and medical treatments for Isaiah and his family. His physicians want to find a way to create an upper airway for him. They also want to reconstruct his face and create a jaw but Isaiah isn’t so sure; he only wants the surgery if he’ll be able to talk or eat with his mouth. Unfortunately the surgery is cosmetic so it won’t help him eat from his mouth or talk – – just make him look a little bit more like everyone else.

Without the lifesaving work done at PCH, Isaiah wouldn’t be here today. His family and community would have a big hole that was meant to be filled with his happy, loving, and incredible spirit. Isaiah is living proof that your donations matter. Please help us continue to provide the hope, health, and healing to Isaiah and his family that we try to provide to all our patients.

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