Pastoral Care Program

Meet Chaplain Frank Macias

The Patient and Family Services at Phoenix Children’s understands that hospitalization affects the whole family. Here parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents are valued members of our healthcare team. That’s why we offer a wide range of services and programs to help the family back to normal. Our specially trained staff can offer patients and their families the emotional, physical and spiritual support needed during the treatment and recovery process.


It was an experience he’ll never forget.

Chaplain Frank says he was called to meet with a father who had arrived at the Hospital to see his 8-year-old daughter one last time. Tragically, she passed away suddenly, and Pastor Frank knew it would be a moment imprinted in this young father’s mind forever.

Frank pauses, thinking back to that difficult day.

“Before we walked in, I told him to stop, and to take a deep breath. I explained he was about to see his daughter’s body — but it was just that, because her soul was in heaven with God.” Taking just one look at his little girl, the loving father cried out and doubled over.

“I held him up. We prayed together, and we cried together,” Chaplain Frank recalls.

Chaplain Frank spent precious time helping a grieving father cope with a moment no parent ever anticipates. Every child’s loved ones deserve access to care and comfort during those critical moments, when a kind gesture lends a healing touch.

Your gift gets us closer.


A whispered prayer or a comforting ritual — the Pastoral Care Team complements high-tech treatment with “high-touch” care. When families experience stress, guilt or uncertainty, chaplains offer calming reassurance. They spend meaningful time helping patients and family members navigate urgent health issues, new and sometimes frightening diagnoses,

and the strain of chronic illnesses. The Pastoral Care Team ministers to children who are hesitant to share their fears or struggles with worried parents. And often parents who don’t identify with faith affiliations appreciate the comfort of prayers, or the opportunity to simply tell their stories.

Board certified chaplains are available to all patients and family members who welcome visitation. Our trained interfaith chaplains can meet specific needs of people across varied religious affiliations. The team also conducts memorial services for healing and remembrance, offers counseling to staff and volunteers, and holds worship services, baptisms, and funerals. The care they offer is an integral part of the Hospital’s mission to offer hope and healing. But resources are stretched.


Our chaplains spend a great deal of time in the emergency department (ED). During times of crisis at Phoenix Children’s, a chaplain arrives swiftly to walk alongside. But tragedies often occur simultaneously. Then, a chaplain must divide his or her time, or make the difficult decision to choose one family over another. We want every family experiencing distress to have access to the comforting presence of an interfaith chaplain.

To  match the standards of similarly-sized children’s hospitals across the country,   a significant investment must be made. Strained resources prevent us from effectively supporting the urgent needs of so many patients treated at the Hospital’s main campus, dialysis center, ambulatory center, satellite locations and urgent care centers. As the Hospital continues to grow, our Pastoral Care Team must keep pace — and you can help.



An investment into an endowed fun will sustain the Pastoral Care Team for generations to come. It is truly a gift that keeps giving.

An endowment is a gift invested to sustain long term financial support. The gifted funds yield returns based on market conditions and provide an annual payout to support the designated area. In this case, fulltime chaplaincy positions are sustained permanently. Generous community support is vital to the families we care for at Phoenix Children’s. Together, we can heal in body, mind and spirit.

Pastoral Care and Chapel

Our chaplains minister to people of all faiths by providing spiritual care and support to the patients, their families, and the health care team. An interfaith chapel, located near the Children’s Garden on the first floor, is always open for prayer and meditation. Service times are posted at the Meditation Chapel entrance, and are also available through the Hospital switchboard. The Pastoral Care program is solely funded through philanthropy. Your donation helps ensure that patients, families, and staff receive the spiritual care they need at Phoenix Children’s.

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