Paying It Forward

Motivated to make life better for children fighting deadly diseases like cancer.

After surviving cancer that had its onset in childhood, Peter Volny was motivated to make life better for children and youngsters fighting deadly diseases like cancer.

Never one to let grass grow under his feet, Peter veered away from a law school path into – of all things – auto racing. He has had a passion for cars all his life.

A number of years ago, Peter and his wife were invited to a cheque presentation event at Phoenix Children’s by a friend who was a major donor to the Hospital. His first visit to Phoenix Children’s was a life-changer…

We walked in and you see these innocent little sweet kids and their heads are shaved and what they’re going through and I think I’m a pretty tough guy, I don’t cry at funerals you know I just don’t cry period ever but I walk into there and 2 minutes later I’ve got tears in my eyes. I just decided if I’m going to do something with my money this is what I regard as a worthwhile cause. I looked into it and saw the percentage that went to actual worthwhile causes as opposed to administration and salaries and that and it just struck all the right notes. “

Once he was moved to support Phoenix Children’s, Peter and his wife got straight to work. They organized a charity car show in benefit of the Hospital that has become an annual event. This car show has financed a beautiful play room for the children’s enjoyment.

But Peter didn’t stop there. Peter has chosen to include Phoenix Children’s as a beneficiary in his Will. “My wife and I have no children, and I have no close relatives, so this was an easy decision.” Peter Volny is yet another example of how a moment of inspiration can turn into a lifetime’s legacy.

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