The Importance Of Giving Back

“If I can save one child’s life, that makes my life more valuable today.”

My son was about six years old when a pediatrician referred him to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He’d become very sick, to the point that he needed a feeding tube when he was admitted.

It turns out his body was basically poisoning itself – the kind of thing no parent wants their child to live through. But I knew right away that we were in the best of hands at Phoenix Children’s, and my precious boy recovered under their watchful attention.

It was very comforting as a mother to witness both the expert treatment and the tender care the staff gave him. My son is still here with me today – a healthy and thriving 27-year-old – because the medical staff at Phoenix Children’s saved his life all those years ago.

I toured the Hospital recently, and I was blown away by how much the facilities have grown and improved since our time there. I could barely recognize the building I was in! It’s amazing to know donor dollars make that happen.

Everyone at Phoenix Children’s is truly exceptional at what they do and I want to do my part to help, as well. My parents always set an amazing example of generosity for me, and I think that’s part of what motivated my decision to include Phoenix Children’s in my estate plans. I think it’s so very important that I give back. And now that I have given back, I feel wonderful about what I’ve done – as if we’ve come full circle.

If I can help one child get better or have a better quality of life in any way that would be my wish, because Phoenix Children’s did that for my child.

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