Within Reach Virtual Speaker Series

Hear how Phoenix Children’s is caring for the mental health of children through coping strategies, early identification and intervention techniques and other cutting edge technologies and research.

This webinar was moderated by 12News, Today in AZ anchor, Rachel McNeill, interviewing two of the leading psychology and psychiatry experts at Phoenix Children’s, Dr. Randall Ricardi and Dr. Emma Ross.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is investing in the people, research, technologies and programs that will solidly position it as a world-class, destination hospital for decades to come. That means recruiting visionary physician-scientists who will change the shape of medicine from right here in Phoenix; fostering discovery that will improve the quality and length of children’s lives; establishing ground-breaking, destination programs that will attract young patients from around the world; and driving innovations that will give ill and injured children hope beyond their wildest dreams.


Phoenix Children’s Hospital is prioritizing the recruitment of renowned physician-scientists: the thought leaders, game-changers and visionaries who will pioneer ground-breaking research; develop innovative solutions to the most pressing medical challenges; and build programs that redefine the standards for pediatric health care.

Ground-breaking research not only facilitates the development of innovative solutions, it also offers the opportunity to shape the future of medicine. At Phoenix Children’s, we are fostering a robust culture of research and recruiting physician-scientists with the experience and reputations to set the national pediatric research agenda.

Investments in supercomputers and data mining to collect and share ‘real-time’ patient data with clinical staff have revolutionized the Hospital’s ability to predict and prevent life-threatening crises like sepsis, kidney toxicity and even cardiac arrest, before they happen. At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, we intend to be among the first to translate emerging capabilities into the breakthrough solutions and protocols that will advance pediatric medicine into the future.

Becoming a world-class hospital means broadening that reach – from local to global. It means continuing to provide best-in-class care to our local population while investing in the talent, resources and innovations that will attract patients from around the world and put even more of our programs on the medical map.

With the right people, partners and investments, Phoenix Children’s can realize this future and the incredible possibilities that it holds. We can give even more children in need the highest possible level of care. It’s all within reach. Let’s get there, together.

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