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Our six Leadership Circle 2017 Grant Applicants presented their exciting proposals at the Annual Luncheon on April 19th and we are all anxious to learn which project will be funded!  Please join us for the Leadership Circle 2017 Grant Recipient Announcement, hosted by the 2017 Leadership Circle Directors, at Phoenix Children’s Hospital on Thursday, May 18th at 6:00pm.  RSVP today!

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Through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit you can give to Phoenix Children’s, and get it all back!

Watch the video to hear Austin explain how the process works, what the deadlines are, and how contributions benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Then, read the frequently asked questions , and make your donation to Leadership Circle today!

Leadership Circle Director’s Host Special Event at Bob & Heather Novak’s

Bob and Heather Novak hosted a special evening at their home along with our Leadership Circle 2017 Directors. Over 75 Leadership Circle members and special guests attended to learn more about Leadership Circle and it’s funded programs.  Guests inclueded physicians (Dr. Elizabeth Linos, Dr. Blake Bulloch, Dr. Stephen Pophal and Dr. Justin Ryan) who all appreciated the opportunity to share about the impact of Leadership Circle on PCH patients, families and programs. Our grateful family, Stephanie and Rory Starks, were humbled to be able to thank Leadership Circle members for funding the 3D Heart printer that helped save their infant daughter’s life.


Be Part of a Passionate and Committed Community

3d-heart-imapct-report-rv300Founded in 2004, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Leadership Circle is a committed and compassionate group of community leaders who care deeply about ill and injured children — and act together on that shared passion.

Annually, each Leadership Circle member gives a minimum donation of $1,000, with many members giving more. These annual gifts are pooled and used to fund specific programs and projects that make a profound difference on the delivery of world-class care at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Leadership Circle members do much more than give financially. Each year, through a highly competitive grant process, Phoenix Children’s physicians, researchers and administrators present their case for support at an annual luncheon in the spring, after which members vote to determine how their funds will be prioritized and allocated throughout the hospital.

In just over a decade Leadership Circle has funded over $3.3M in programs with 100% directly helping children and families. These exciting programs include uncovering new treatments for pediatric neurological conditions, improving critical care for newborns and children in respiratory failure, find alternative treatments through molecular medicine for the treatment of malignant brain tumors and implementing a 3D Heart Printing program — just to name a few.

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