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Leave a Legacy

Plan a gift that will allow Phoenix Children’s to bring hope and healing to future generations of Arizona children.  

Make a bequest in your will or trust.

Plan a gift for tomorrow that won’t cost you today. When you create a gift in your will for Phoenix Children’s, you join others who have chosen to build a legacy of hope and healing. 

Make a beneficiary designation.

If you have a retirement plan such as an IRA or a 401(k), the individual beneficiaries of the plan will pay income tax when they eventually receive it. Instead, consider naming Phoenix Children’s as the beneficiary of some or all of it. Because charities don’t pay income tax, the full amount of the retirement account will directly benefit Phoenix Children's. 

Create a charitable gift annuity.

Exploring options for diversifying your investments beyond the volatile stock and real estate markets? Consider a charitable gift annuity, a thoughtful contribution to Phoenix Children's that offers the benefit of a reliable stream of fixed payments throughout your lifetime. 

Set up a charitable remainder unitrust.

If you've sold an appreciated asset and are worried about the potential impact of capital gains tax on your finances, or if you're seeking tax-saving strategies for the current year and want to plan for retirement, a charitable remainder unitrust could be a valuable option for you. 

Set up a charitable remainder annuity trust.

By transferring your cash or appreciated property to establish a charitable remainder annuity trust, you can effectively avoid capital gains tax when the trust sells your property. In return, the trust offers you a consistent fixed income for either your lifetime or a specified term of years. 

Get Involved

Find opportunities to connect with our community of Phoenix Children’s supporters.

Attend an event

Join our community as we come together to support Phoenix Children’s. Register for one of our signature events or support a local business’s event or campaign. 

Create your own event.

Bring together family, friends and colleagues to support a cause you are passionate about, in person or virtually. Events like golf tournaments, car shows, 5K events, or grand openings help provide the highest quality care for patients and their families.   

Organize a fundraiser.

Set up an online fundraiser to benefit Phoenix Children’s using our essential fundraising tools. Simply choose a fundraising project close to your heart, and we'll help you succeed with your fundraising goals. 

Become a corporate partner.

Corporate partnerships are essential to the continued growth and evolution of Phoenix Children'sA partnership with us can open many new doors for your company, offering opportunities to build deep and lasting relationships with your employees, customers and vendors—all while helping Phoenix Children’s provide lifesaving care to Arizona children.  

Facing the Future With Hope

No matter how you choose to support Phoenix Children’s, your generosity makes it possible for us to provide the very best that pediatric medicine has to offer—and that makes a big difference for kids who are fighting for their lives. 

Your gift to Phoenix Children’s may be eligible for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state tax return—up to $470 for individuals and $938 for those filing jointly. 

This site is informational and educational in nature. It is not offering professional tax, legal or accounting advice. For specific advice about the effect of any planning concept on your tax or financial situation or your estate, please consult a qualified professional advisor.