Phoenix Children’s Hospital relies on community support to provide hope, healing and the best possible care to thousands of children each year. Please join us today by supporting these critical fundraising priorities.


Hope Fund

The Hope Fund is the most flexible and valuable way donors can support Phoenix Children’s Hospital, allowing us to meet new challenges and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. The power of unrestricted giving through our Hope Fund is immeasurable. It ensures that support is available where and when it is needed most so we can continue to enhance the care we provide to our patients.


The Condition Is Critical

The Condition is Critical to build a new Emergency Department and Trauma Center. When it comes to emergency and trauma care, we are the very best at what we do, and our excellent survival rates prove that. But we’ve severely outgrown our space, tweaking and retrofitting as we go to accommodate every child brought here. We can’t do that anymore. With current growth projections, we simply won’t have the space we need to keep up with the demand.


Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

When faced with cancer, every child deserves to have a team of experts in their corner. They deserve the very best. It’s why so many families across the Southwest turn to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. But the sheer number of patients we treat today — and will tomorrow — has stretched our current facilities and resources. And those numbers will continue to grow exponentially.