An Investment That Makes an Impact

What is Innovation Circle?

Innovation Circle is a giving group whose members jointly invest in innovative, high-impact projects that have the potential to transform pediatric medicine, allowing Phoenix Children's best and brightest minds to turn their visionary ideas into reality.

How does it work?

Members’ gifts are pooled to form a grant fund that supports the work of physicians, researchers and clinical leaders across Phoenix Children’s. Proposed projects are vetted by Phoenix Children’s leadership and then presented to members, who vote on which projects to fund.

Why should I join?

Investment in Innovation Circle also comes with exclusive benefits, including:

  • Opportunities to attend in-person and virtual pitch sessions to hear and vote on project proposals
  • Special behind-the-scenes experiences with Phoenix Children's leadership, physicians, researchers and patients
  • Networking with fellow Innovation Circle members

Become a Champion of Innovation

Individual membership

Renew or join today at one of two levels:


For more information about becoming a member, contact Josh Mundy at:

Corporate sponsorship

For more information about becoming a corporate sponsor, contact Debbie Stantus at

Welcome from the Co-Chairs

Welcome to Innovation Circle 2024! We are glad you are part of this powerful force for innovation at Phoenix Children’s. (If you are not a current member, we encourage you to renew your membership or become a new member today!)

As Innovation Circle members, we all share a commitment to improving children’s health through innovation. When we pool our resources to invest in the visionary ideas of Phoenix Children’s best and brightest minds, our impact increases exponentially. The pioneering treatments, therapies and technologies developed with Innovation Circle support will touch the lives of children around the world for generations to come.

Like years past, 2024 offers exciting opportunities for us to advance the work of Phoenix Children’s top innovators. It is thrilling to witness firsthand the impact of our investment. From virtual and in-person Power Pitch events to behind-the-scenes experiences with physicians, researchers and patients, we will get an inside look at how Phoenix Children’s is shaping the future of pediatric medicine.

We are grateful for your support of Innovation Circle, and we are excited to join you for another year of innovating to improve children’s health. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Brittany and Matt Messmer

Brittany and Matt Messmer

2024 Co-Chairs

Brittany and Matt Messmer