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The Leadership Circle 2020 year culminated on May 26 when the grant recipients were awarded based on the Leadership Circle members’ votes. Thank you to our members for making this a record-breaking year! Learn more...

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Leadership Circle is a committed and compassionate group of community members who come together to support innovative initiatives that make a powerful difference for children and families. Since its founding in 2004, Leadership Circle has funded more than $5 million in hospital programming – from life-saving tools, to cutting-edge safety equipment and patient-centered technology.

Leadership Circle members make a minimum annual donation of $1,000, and all member gifts are pooled to form the Leadership Circle grant fund. In the spring, members convene for an annual luncheon, where researchers, physicians, nurses and other hospital innovators present their cases for support to the group. Leadership Circle members then hold a vote – to determine which projects to fund and how their funds will be prioritized.

The gifts and votes of Leadership Circle members have had a remarkable impact over the past decade – fueling the culture of innovation that Phoenix Children’s has become known for and redefining how pediatric medicine is practiced.

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For information about becoming a member of Leadership Circle please contact Dana Jirauch at leadershipcircle@phoenixchildrens.com.




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