The Red Wagon Club

How can you say “thank you” to your doctor or nurse, give back to the hospital that gave you so much, or help another family at Phoenix Children’s?

The Red Wagon Club is how.

As a Red Wagon Club member, you can support the care and comfort of our patients and families by thanking a Phoenix Children’s staff member, sharing your story, volunteering, donating to our Family Centered Care Fund, or in a variety of other ways. Learn more about ways to “Pull for PCH.”

All patient families are invited to join by registering below. Members will receive an invitation to a Kids Helping Kids event!

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Make A Gift

You might be wondering how your monetary gifts can make a difference to Phoenix Children’s patients and families.  A $5 gift could purchase a children’s pocket bible (English & Spanish).  A $10 gift might buy a book for the Emily Center Family Library and Book Cart (English & Spanish).  A $25 gift could provide a daily craft activity for playrooms and isolation patients and $50 could provide a birthday gift and decorations for a hospitalized patient.

Gifts between $60 and $120 could provide a Language interpretation headset, an art session in our 1 Darn Cool School, a The Zone Bingo and Trivia Prize Wagon or one of those famous red wagons that are used by families to transport patients and belongings.

A generous gift of $200 (or $16.67 per month) would provide Pastoral Care for a day of patient visits and $240 (or $20 per month) would support a day of training for a new Animal Assisted Therapy team.

Gifts of $500 (or $41.67 per month) and above may be utilized to fund multiple items.  In recognition of your gift at this level, we will place a plaque with word that’s special to the patient or a reflection of the patient that’s being recognized such as, Pink, Happy, Funny, etc., on a red wagon used by families to transport patients and belongings.

Note:  Gifts will be used to support the Family Centered Care’s area of greatest need.

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For more information on the Red Wagon Club and how you can ‘Pull for PCH’, please send an email to: or call 602-933-2612.