When In Need Grandmas Serve

Founded in 2015, WINGS is a group of 48 women—all grandmothers—who raise funds and awareness for Phoenix Children’s. Together, they’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support projects such as a 3D cardiac imaging lab, an intensive care room in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) and a first-of-its-kind Medtronic neurosurgery robots. They’ve also sent 200 children battling cancer to Camp Rainbow and brought a full-time facility dog to the hospital.

“As grandmothers, so many of our families have personally benefitted from Phoenix Children’s services. The hospital touches us so directly.”

-Alice Bazlen
WINGS Member

WINGS Leadership


Laurie Verderame

Board members:

Nancy Albert
Claire Anderson
Alice Bazlen
Mary Jo Beardsley
Kathy Brown
Deborah Cookson
Kim Cullum
Pam Farrer
Iris Feldman
JoEllen Feltham
Jean Feuer
Diane Fincham

Tricia Folger
Debbie Frazelle
Margie Freeze
Sandy Frey
Nancy Gill
Victoria Granberry
Mary Jo Grogan
Susan Hagenah
Susan Harris
Sue Holmes
Robby Jackson
Joan Jarnagin
Dana Jirauch
Rona Kasen
Cindy Ketcherside
Nancy Kindregan
Cheryl Levinson

Rachel Maloney
Connie Metzger
Priscilla Nicholas
Verma Pastor
Susan Powell
Helene Presutti
Cathy Reahard
Caren Redivo
Darcy Royal
Dawn Schlott
Ilona Shorb
Sandi Siggins
Suzan Spiekerman
Barbara Stamper
Cindy Todare
Jan Wessman
Lyn Wiley
Gretchen Wilson

Paws Can Heal

Bring the Healing Power of Animals to Sick Kids

The Wings Women’s Board Invites You To Make A Difference

From helping children cope with the stress of a hospital stay to providing a distraction during painful procedures, animal-assisted therapy can be an important part of the healing process for Phoenix Children’s patients.

Working with therapy animals can be especially valuable for patients undergoing physical or occupational therapy. The opportunity to take a dog for a walk or throw it a ball can motivate a child to overcome pain and discomfort, making it easier to work toward treatment goals.

Support The Facility Dog Program

Later this year, Phoenix Children’s will launch a Facility Dog Program that will bring a full-time therapy dog and a trained specialist dedicated exclusively to providing rehabilitation services. The addition of a full-time therapy dog will make animal-assisted therapy available to more rehab patients and provide better continuity of care for them.

The Facility Dog Program is funded entirely by philanthropy. WINGS is raising funds to support the addition of the full-time therapy dog and the costs of its ongoing care.

We hope you will help us reach our fundraising goal by making a gift today. With your support, we can help many more Phoenix Children’s patients and their families benefit from animal-assisted therapy.

Prefer Paying By Check?

Checks may be made payable to Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation and mailed to:
Attn: Dana Jirauch
Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation
2929 E Camelback Rd #122
Phoenix, AZ 85016